Link Popularity

Link popularity is a classic and effective way of measuring online visibility and overall web presence of any particular website. It is often used for finding the total number of pages that are linked to a website, gauging the importance of that website, increasing the number of visitors to the website, increasing search engine ranking, improving page rank, deep indexing and leading competition.

There are two types of links that can be provided to any text or any page. First one is the hyperlink from relevant categories in some industry specific informative websites. The second type is the hyperlink from other web sites that shares common keywords and key phrases. Link and hyperlinks complete revolves around the keywords and therefore it is very essential to have relevant and powerful keywords. It’s the power of keyword that leads to deep indexing and places a website to a higher rank. Most of the companies give hyperlink from various other websites that contain related and significant information about the product and services. Apart from keywords, the quality of content also plays a vital role in improving page ranking. There are pages that provide critical information to the visitors and so they don’t feel the need to be linked anywhere else. These pages are often linked to the company’s own website for better sales and promotion. Link popularity is an evolving process that is involving more and more number of business people. It is one way that has indulged numerous businessmen to produce quality content for their websites along with significant heading, relevant keywords and multiple links to the company’s own website.

With successful and helpful services like link popularity, the internet has provided another dimension for netzins to remain connected to cyberspace. The keyword here is 'click of the mouse' for better results.




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