Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Internet savvy individuals have favorite search engines for locating the best websites for research. Some users are unable to get good websites, simply by typing a generic keyword. This results in low priority of some good websites listed by a search engine. With multiple options in numerous websites for a single topic, product, industry, commerce, networking and research has become aggressive. Every website owner wants to drive the traffic to their sites. A critical ranking via search engine optimization is essential. The most popular search engines include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Some countries have local search engines too.

Search engine optimization (SEO) simply means having the most advantageous position or ranking for a website. One can maneuver some aspects of a website by choosing targeted keyword phrases to improve the ranking. Optimization ensures that the website pages are readable to search engines and potential internet visitors. Search engines use ‘spiders’ and ‘crawlers’, termed as search engine robots, to visit various websites and index the pages. This indexing assists in ranking the website on the basis of targeted keywords, its popularity and quality content. The ranking also depends on the page design, structure, article length and codes that are used to build the pages. Maintaining a word count of minimum 200 words and a maximum length of 100 kb is necessary for easy optimization. Search engines usually prefer CSS layouts. Titles of the pages also play a major role in ranking and the robots offer higher ranks to pages with meaningful titles that adequately describe the content of those pages. Attractive headings, sub headings and a descriptive text link to some meaningful website or page fetches good results. Every website owner desires a higher ranking and maximum hits to become popular. If done correctly the website can become top of search engines.






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