Social Bookmarking

With a large amount of websites necessary to be used for constant reference saving it becomes a critical operation for regular netzins. Bookmarking it a great way and a sure shot device to collect and chronicle favorite websites. Bookmarking is defined as the practice of saving website addresses for future references. Social bookmarking refers to saving the bookmarks of a public website and tagging them with relevant keywords for future use. This practice allows an individual to store tags on the web that are accessible from any computer around the globe. Social bookmarking is one way to provide users a user-friendly taxonomy system that provides a place to store, categorize, annotate and share favorite web pages and files. One never knows when it may be needed.

To have access to all favorite web pages and files, an individual needs to register with any social bookmarking sites. The most popular bookmarking sites are Flickr, Dig, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Furl, Simpy and Delicious. These sites are useful when there is a need to collect set of resources to share with others. The system enables users to save and categorize personal collection of bookmarkers and share other Internet bookmarks. By registering with these sites, an individual can have access to various other bookmarks that other registered users have created and saved. The system works in a unique way by assigning tags to each resource and providing user directed method of classifying information. Users can enhance the social contacts by interacting with other users sharing common tags. This way bookmarking increases the social circle of the user and hence it is termed as social bookmarking. The largest and the key benefit of social bookmarking is resource credibility. Other benefits include enhanced traffic, joint ventures, increased sales, friendly e mails, improved social contacts and increased marketability.





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