Social Networking

Every human being lives in a society and every culture requires contacts between the members. These members expand their contacts by communication and interacting with each other. This is social networking. Earlier pubs and cafes were popular for social interaction. Today cyber cafes have taken over.

The internet has invaded all the sectors of life including relationships. With the unparalleled potential of internet to promote interactions, several societies have been established over the internet to build relationship. They bring people together sharing common interests and activities together under one roof. These internet communities or social networking websites have come a long way to enable and establish a link between two individuals in different corners of the world. These online social networking websites are places where an individual can meet old friends, associates and relatives. One can reach out to various different categories of people who share common hobbies, interests and thoughts. These sites enable individuals to join new online communities to discuss events, exchange ideas, establish new business contacts and develop new relationships.

The most popular sites are MySpace, Ryze, Friendster, Facebook, Downelink and Orkut. They enable an individual to join and broaden the social circle by invitation. These individuals further invite others and this way the social circle keeps on increasing. Sometimes these sites prove to be targets for vested elements if they go beyond social guidelines. Most people use these sites for harmless chatting and knowing one another. But there are some organizations that have been banned worldwide. Today everyone in the world knows that some terrorists, cults and gender sites have influenced young minds. But most of these sites are approved of and tend to bring people together. Social networking websites help to have strong social interactions between two individuals and makes life more active and stimulating.




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