Video Marketing

Is there anything that isn’t available at a click of the mouse? The new format of video marketing is doing a good e-marketing job. With the rapid growth of broadband access, online advertising and pay per click ad programs, online video marketing has already become a significant part of the complete business scenario. Video marketing refers to simple marketing strategies by using short, catchy and informative videos for promoting products and services. This audio visual method has a faster global reach to targeted audience. It serves as an interactive platform for both the marketers and visitors. It has proven to increase sales and credibility.

The success of video marketing greatly depends on the content quality, clarity of pictures and the duration of the clipping. Visitors will stick to websites having video clippings of a short duration and quality informative content. Today, the average attention span of a web user is measured in seconds. The visitors have a quick glance with a very limited effort and time to see the video clippings and makes judgment on the advertisement. The factors that make online video marketing easier and cost effective are digital video, editing software and video sharing sites. Digital videos are used to produce easy content for videos and editing software is used to edit content and images. Apart form this there are various video sharing sites that cut the cost of hosting and distribution. Some of the most common types of video marketing are introductory videos, sales presentations, testimonials, instructional videos, events and messages, viral branding and video content sites. Video marketing has both advantages and disadvantages but yet it affords to manage the emotional impact of TV with the accountability and interactivity of the internet. Hence, it proves to be an incredibly valuable asset for any market or business.





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