Viral Marketing

Viral marketing as the word describes is a method of online marketing that works like a virus. The process involves cascading of marketing messages to others with a prime objective to create a potential for exponential growth of the message. Like a virus, the marketing message rapidly multiplies to explode, giving way to enhanced exposure and influence.

The oldest and the most classic example of viral marketing is The website provides free email services and broadens the network of friends and associates. The strategies may differ in some terms but the most effective viral marketing strategies are giving away free products and services, providing effortless transfer of messages, utilizing existing communication networks and taking advantages of various other resources on the internet.

There are many different ways in which viral marketing can be swelled to reach potential customers. The most common types include value viral, guile viral, vital viral, spiral viral and vile viral. Value viral refers to exchanging views and information among friends and relatives while guile viral is forwarding of marketing mails in exchange of incentives. Vital viral and spiral viral also play a significant role in marketing by means of sharing personal experiences with other. The only difference between vital viral and spiral viral is that the former only involves sharing of positive experiences and convincing people to buy the product or services while the later marketing method involves negative and funny experiences also. There is another type of viral marketing known as vile viral, a marketing method that serves as a warning to others by alerting them with the negative experiences of the products and services. Viral marketing with all its benefits and effectiveness has grown to be the blue chip of the internet stock market. Obviously not all viruses are bad and nerve wrecking!




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